Textile dyeing // A dress inspired by meeting mr Darcy

Meeting mr Darcy dress 1810

My design consisted out of a jacket and a dress. Inspired by the costumes in Pride & Prejudice: with a high waist and prints of stripes, plaids, roses, and dots in bright colours. Continue reading

Found on the Rith // Not a four-leaf clover but a five-leaf clover!

While in my teens, on a beautiful but lazy summer afternoon I found a four-leaf clover after searching through the hours for a few hours (I still had time for that back then). Since then, I have looked around every now and then, but I never found anything besides three-leaf clovers. Continue reading

Colourful plaid skirt // hand-painted with poster paint

Hand-painted skirt

This time I used poster paint instead of acrylics. Diluting it by mixing it with water and textile medium to create transparent paint. I build up the plaid design by applying a transparent layer of paint over another dried layer. Continue reading

Presenting my Christmas angel

KerstCreatieRoute Kerstengel Princenhage

Till 30th of December 2014 you can admire Christmas decorations in Princenhage. At the nativity scene at the Haagse Markt, you can pick up a map that shows all the participating houses. Continue reading

Dyeing fabrics with acrylic paint to make a handbag

Sewing project hand painted purse

My last purse had a lovely plaid design in blue and pink. When it was broken, I looked for a similar one. Without results. So I decided to make one myself. After I dyed the fabric, I painted stripes and plaids on it with acrylic paint, and then I decorated it with colourful stitches. Continue reading

Simply be yourself and create your own personal style!

Create your own style

A full century ago, when my great-grandmother lived, the chance of meeting someone in a similar outfit was unlikely. Nowadays our garments are mostly mass produced in large factories in poor countries. Continue reading

Presenting the long skirt and cropped shirt that I sewed

The dresses of the early 1900s inspired me to make this high waisted skirt and cropped shirt. I know it makes me look taller. But nowadays I don’t hide my height or my hourglass figure any more. I am perfect the way I am. Continue reading

Feeling creative: knitting with strips of fabric

knitting is addictive

I love exploring different textile techniques. Lately I have discovered the possibility to knit with strips of fabric. Although I am not an advanced knitter by any means – I am far too impatient to become one -, I must say that I find knitting highly addictive. Continue reading

Blooming heather at Galderse Heide: a reminder to be mindful

My parents used to take my brothers and me there for a Sunday afternoon walk. They believed that a weekly visit to the woods was extremely essential for our health, happiness and development. I believed it to be quite boring. Continue reading

A dream come true: the shirts&words store

My dream come true

When I started with shirts&words back in 2008, I had a dream: one day shirts&words would have its own store. That one day came when Marcel and Miriam Bleeker opened the shirts&words store at Curacao Boulevard. During my stay in Curacao, I could finally visit their store. It was amazing… Continue reading