The view from my previous office window // Curacao

Things that make me happy - View from office curacao
Each morning while working on my dear Mac, I enjoy the view from my office window. Thanks to blossoming of the typical Curaçao Wayaca trees in the garden of the neighbours across the street, it is even more extra ordinary, lately. With its thousand-and-one tiny lilac flowers and the little white whirling butterflies, it stands next to the solid FrangiPani tree with its strange pink flowers.
In our garden, the old Canepa tree, which provides a welcoming cooling shade, plays a game of light with the early morning sun. The yellow-green coloured parakeets flying by and the singing of flamboyant trupials, busy mockingbirds and quick bananaquits makes this scene, illuminated by the soft sunlight, feel like pure paradise.

With such a view, there is nothing better in life than to be a graphic designer in Curaçao.

[EDIT] In July 2013 I moved to the city of Breda in The Netherlands.[/EDIT]

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