Our trip to Uppsala in January 2017

Uppsala Domkyrka

Domkyrka, the catherdral of Uppsala.


First impressions

Prior to our trip to Uppsala, I looked up some images, as my imagination was unable to conjure up images of the city. I didn’t have any idea at all what Sweden would look like. From the plane, we could see a huge land mass, with thousands of tiny rivers. Small villages and big cities were scattered throughout the country that covers 447,435 km² of the Earth. Stockholm, concentrated at the coast, was quickly visible from the plane window. We landed at Arlanda Airport and took a bus to Uppsala central station.

Uppsala, a small town with 140,454 inhabitants, is located about 70 km² south of Stockholm. Upon your arrival at the train station, you will immediately find yourself at the heart of the city’s center. There you can find many shops familiar to any Northern European city (e.g. H&M, Hunkemöller, Rituals, New Yorker, Vero Moda).

Walking around, it’s difficult to get lost, you will quite quickly get the grasp of the routes. Due to it being one of the flatter cities in Sweden, many people rely on their bikes to get around. And a popular spot to park one’s bike is around the Fyris, a river, that passes right through the city. This reminded me of a miniature version of the canals in Amsterdam, decorated with bikes and everything.


Uppsala fyris

River fyris floating through the centre of Uppsala.


Food and drinks

I noticed a smoothie and coffee trend going on Sweden’s fourth biggest city. We decided to give Joe & The Juice and MoeJoe’s a try. Speaking for myself, I found both to have a nice selection of drinking and eating options. The food is made from fresh ingredients and is prepared on the spot, which means you will have to wait a bit. To take a break from the smoothies, we tried an Italian restaurant, Villa Romana. The place had an interesting atmosphere, the entire restaurant was packed, despite it being a weekday. The lunch menu consisted out of a combo deal, which included tea or coffee after your meal. Definitely a good place for a nice meal at a low price.
On our last day in Uppsala, we went to Landings in S:t Per Gallerian for an early fika. Here, I had my first Kanelbullar, which is a less sweet version of the American cinnamon roll. However, it was delicious in its own right.


Uppsala Domkyrka interior


Architecture and tourist attractions

Before going to Sweden, I assumed the red country houses were just a stereotype. But during our bus ride through the countryside, outside of the small city, I spotted one every hundred meters. The bed and breakfast we stayed at, Kroksta Gård was a quintessential red country house, surrounded by farmlands.
The buildings and housing in the city itself were quite tall and were painted yellow and orange.

As a tourist you have to visit the Domkyrka, a cathedral close to the centre. The interior is beautifully decorated and harbours many treasures.

After visiting the cathedral we went to the Gustavianum right before closing time. We were one of the few visitors, which made it easy to quickly walk through the museum. The Gustavianum is one of the oldest University buildings still standing. The university museum had a lot of historical pieces on display, including pieces related to Carl Linnaeus. The building also has an anatomical theatre, which is quite cold to preserve the wood.

Lastly, we strolled through the Uppland county museum, which is free of charge. Due to time restriction, we unfortunately, were only able to really check out the room that featured history of the Uppland Country spanning to the Middle Ages. The highest level in the museum displayed history starting from the Middle Ages, however we weren’t able to see this, as we had to leave. The level below that, history up to the Middle Ages, was fascinating. There was a lot of information available about the transition to sedentary settlements and the changes in clothing and diet associated with this. It included a lot of visuals to create a reconstruction of what it was like back then.

Sadly, we weren’t able to visit Gamla Uppsala due to our limited time in Uppsala. However, many different people recommended going there. Although they did mention that it’s best to visit this place when the weather is nice, either during springtime or summer.


Uppsala Museum Gustavianum Unversitet

The Anatomical Theatre of Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala.


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