November 2013 // time to re-invent myself

inspired by thinking positive

Release the past, and get inspired by thinking positively

Just a couple of hours before the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, a special moment to release the past and compose a positive wish list!


My wish list // November 2013

for the New Moon of November 3, 2013 // 12.49h. GMT // Solar Eclipse // Scorpio 11°16´
• I am joyfully creating a successful fashion brand.
• I love my new spacious office.
• I am grateful to be working with creative, loving, uplifting people.
• I am thankful to be surrounded with healthy, supportive and positive family members and friends.
• I gratefully and joyfully accept love, joy and abundance in my life.
• I am thankful for my strong, slim and healthy body.
• I am joyfully trusting in the universe to create the perfect outcome.

I also include the things that are going well in my life, so both the universe as myself, know that I deeply appreciate these.


Astrologically // Solar Eclipse in the first house

A Solar Eclipse is much more than just another New Moon. This strong energy with a Scorpio-ish glow will not just last for a few weeks, but for many months or even years. It’s a time to focus on cleansing ourselves from deep emotional burdens, eliminate all pain and suffering and get inspired by thinking positive.

This Solar Eclips transisting in my first House in Scorpio, is a powerful new beginning to re-invent myself and the way I present myself to the outside world. It is a good time to, besides doing design work for my clients, begin to fulfill my wish ‘creating a fashion brand for women like me’ by starting to analyse who I would like to be and what kind of clothes I like to wear.


My fulfilled wishes

Since my latest blogpost about New Moon wishes I have met some amazing and positive people. It is inspiring to talk with them. I am grateful because the last months I have been busy doing design work for clients in Curacao and in the Netherlands as well. That is why I have not had time to work on my fashion brand project. But I do not mind. I love my job. I go with the flow because I know creating a fashion brand is what I will do. I simply watch what happens next. I enjoy every minute of the process.


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