All men need a casual long sleeve shirt

Sewing men shirt

Long sleeve shirts for tall men, made in sewing class.

A long sleeve shirt is a must-have in a men’s wardrobe

They say. Right, but if you are about 6 ft 5 (2 meters) tall, where do you find such a shirt? Since his favourite store decided to discontinue their tall collections, my husband has encountered difficulty in finding long-sleeve shirts that actually has long enough sleeves to accommodate his tall frame. When it comes to clothing and sizes, a larger size means it only gets wider, not longer :-(


Sewing long sleeve shirts for men

For some weeks I have been taking sewing lessons with Studio Veel Soepz. Although I only had a few classes, I have already learned a lot from Femke. She was a great help to me, when I sewed these long sleeve shirts for my husband and son. The shirts fit them perfectly. Especially in the sleeves.

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