Public transportation in Stockholm and Uppsala ~ Sweden

Public transport Sweden

Travelling by public transportation in Sweden is viable. There are a multitude of options (intercity trains, commuter trains, buses, trams, and metros) to get from point A to B. Continue reading

Our trip to Uppsala in January 2017

Uppsala Domkyrka

Prior to our trip to Uppsala, I looked up some images, as my imagination was unable to conjure up images of the city. I didn’t have any idea at all what Sweden would look like. Continue reading

Traveling through Europe // Bed & Breakfast Kroksta Gård ~ Sweden

Sweden red farm house

We spent weeks looking for an affordable hotel in Uppsala online. We came across many small rooms with a shared bathroom in the hallway. That’s why we decided to look outside of Uppsala. Continue reading

Traveling through Europe // Aberdaron on the Llŷn peninsula ~ Wales

Wales Llyn Aberdaron beach

In order to still go on a bit of a pilgrimage, we visited the 12th century St Hywyn’s Church in Aberdaron, also known as the Cathedral of Llŷn, which is located right above the coastal line. Continue reading

Driving down the coast of Belgium

Belgian Coast Nieuwpoort eagles

We went for a drive to Nieuwpoort, a seaside resort at the Belgian coast. From our home town Breda, we drove via ‘traffic jam city’ Antwerp and Ghent. After a short stop in Nieuwpoort-Bad, we followed the coast north, back to Netherlands. A fine drive along dunes and through several lovely seaside resorts. Continue reading

Driving around Andalucia part 4 // Embalse de los Bermejales

Andalucia Embalse de los Bermejales

The breathtaking scenery of Embalse de los Bermejales kept me taking pictures, longing to capture the inspiring beauty and the vibrant colours. Continue reading

Driving around Andalucia part 3 // Sierra Nevada

Andalucia Sierra Nevada mountain-landscape

On a bright and sunny day we made the 50-minute drive to Pradollano, the ski station in the Sierra Nevada. Being home to a large number of hotels, restaurants and shops it was crowded, nevertheless I felt at ease. Continue reading

Driving around Andalucia part 2 // The Alhambra in Granada

Andalucia Granada Alhambr red castle

Visiting Granda was on my wish list for more than 2 decades. It had been there since Lieke, a fellow student at the Academy of Arts, told us about an old phrase: “Give something to the poor blind man, because there’s nothing crueler in life than to be blind in Granada”. Continue reading

Driving around Andalucia part 1 // Seville

Andalucia Sevilla Oranges Giralda

It was truly amazing to visit the richly decorated Cathedral of Seville, to stroll through the Moorish fort, the royal palace and the gardens of the Alcázar, and to admire the art treasures and the medieval Islamic architectural design on one day. Continue reading

Visiting the colourful city of Triër in the Eifel // Germany

Trier Germany

I knew Triër was known for its well-preserved Roman and medieval buildings, but had I known that Triër was such a distinctly colourful and quiet city, I would have made this trip much earlier. Continue reading