Found on the Rith // Not a four-leaf clover but a five-leaf clover!

While in my teens, on a beautiful but lazy summer afternoon I found a four-leaf clover after searching through the hours for a few hours (I still had time for that back then). Since then, I have looked around every now and then, but I never found anything besides three-leaf clovers. Continue reading

Presenting my Christmas angel

KerstCreatieRoute Kerstengel Princenhage

Till 30th of December 2014 you can admire Christmas decorations in Princenhage. At the nativity scene at the Haagse Markt, you can pick up a map that shows all the participating houses. Continue reading

Blooming heather at Galderse Heide: a reminder to be mindful

My parents used to take my brothers and me there for a Sunday afternoon walk. They believed that a weekly visit to the woods was extremely essential for our health, happiness and development. I believed it to be quite boring. Continue reading

The miraculous changes of springtime in Princenhage

Princenhage Raadshuis

When I leave my house, I found myself gratefully welcoming each sign of new life, the trees decorated with explosions of flowers, their leaves bursting into wonderful vivid greens, the activity of nest building birds, the dazzling show of colours and scents, the warm, refreshing air… Continue reading

Trying to capture the autumn vibe in Princenhage // Breda

Princenhage autumn leaves

Living in Princenhage, it is delightful to experience the changes of autumn in The Netherlands. Autumn comes in full swing. The metamorphosing trees dropping their leaves. The sun appearing lower in the sky and changing the light. The green fading into a golden brown, chestnut red, warm yellow. Continue reading