Presenting the long skirt and cropped shirt that I sewed recently


The cropped shirt and long skirt makes me look taller. I don’t care any more. I am proud to be tall.

Having a hard time shopping for dresses that fit well ~ my story

When I was a teenager, I used to find it to be a bit embarrassing when people who I had never seen before, had the urge to tell me I was tall. Like I wasn’t aware of that already. When they saw my embarrassment, they followed on by stating that being tall was a good thing. I used to think differently. I hated to stand out from the crowd. So I tried to hide my height by wearing clothes that made me look smaller.
Being tall came with too much problems. Like finding a boyfriend taller than I was or simply finding a dress that fitted well. When I was fitting a dress, the shop assistant always said something like ‘But the sleeves are extra long…’ or ‘The length of the skirt is excellent. It shows your long legs perfectly…’. However it was not as much the length of the sleeves nor the length of the skirt that gave the most pain. The proportions of the dress did. Mostly the dresses looked horrible on me, because the waist on the dresses sat just below my bust instead of where it should be.


Sewing a high waisted skirt that is long enough for me

Dresses of the early 1900s inspired me to make this high waisted skirt and cropped shirt. I know it makes me look taller. But nowadays I don’t hide my height or my hourglass figure any more. I am perfect the way I am.


Fashion sketch long skirt

My fashion sketch


Drawing sewing pattern

Drawing the sewing pattern of the high waisted skirt


Cutting sewing pattern long skirt

Cutting the flannel fabric


Finishing seams overlocker

Finishing the seams with an overlocker


Long skirt cropped shirt sewing

And finally, the long high waisted skirt and cropped shirt


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