Our road trip through the south-east of England

South England Avebury sheep

Strolling among sheep and the neolithic stones of Avebury in Wiltshire

Getting to know Jane Austen

Searching for the footsteps of my favourite author Jane Austen, we planned a road trip through the south-east of England. We visited her home in Chawton and under the Boardwalk of Brighton I felt her presence when I imagined the elegant ladies and fine dressed gentlemen promenading there on a sunny day, I could even hear the cheerful laughters of Miss Lydia Bennet and Mrs Foster.


A restful journey with captivating scenery and breathtaking landscapes

We drove through the timeless countryside of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Sussex, admiring the rural tranquillity of the area. We explored the prehistoric sites Avebury and Stonehenge – the last one really gave me goosebumps; although I knew it to be small and crowded, it was a thrill to see it! -, missed a freshly made crop circle and came across the most adorable little churches with old enchanting cemeteries.


One of my favourite places in the world // Birling Gap

Driving from New Haven to Eastbourne along the chalk coastline was an exhilarating experience, we were awed by stunning vistas around every turn. It was a great pleasure to walk at the green tops of the astounding Seven sisters, marvelling at the charming lighthouse near Beachy Head and watching the waves roll up and then down the beach below the magnificent white cliffs of Birling Gap.


Spending three days in the south-east of England // Our itinerary

Day 1 // Dover ~ Salisbury ~ Old Sarum ~ Collingbourn Ducis ~ Avebury ~ Stonehenge
Day 2 // Winchester ~ Southampton ~ Itchen ~ Chawton ~ ruins of Cowdray House ~ Brighton
Day 3 // Birling Gap ~ Eastbourne ~ Hastings ~ Dover


Photo editing // Catching the feel of Sussex, Hampshire and Wiltshire

To catch the feel of the area, I edited the photos with Adobe Photoshop using Layer Masks, Photo Filter, Color Balance, Channel Mixer [Windows > Adjustments > Channel Mixer].


Colour inspiration // The colours of south-east of England

Colours South England
Moss green ~ C=50 M=35 Y=70 K=0 // R=145 G=150 B=105 // #8f936b // PMS 5773
Beachy Head White ~ C=0 M=5 Y=10 K=0 // R=250 G=240 B=225 // #fdf1e0 // PMS 7506
Brighton Beach Sand ~ C=10 M=25 Y=35 K=0 // R=210 G=190 B=165 // #d3bca5 // PMS 7514
English Channel Blue ~ C=50 M=15 Y=30 K=0 // R=140 G=175 B=175 // #8dadb0 // PMS 5493


Photos of our road trip through the south-east of England



More travel photography by Memento Vivi // Irèn Nooren

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