Dyeing, painting and decorating fabric for a purse

Sewing project hand painted purse

My latest sewing project: a hand-painted purse

I love plaid

My last purse had a lovely plaid design in blue and pink. Besides the design I found this purse to be very functional. Not too small and not too big. Just the perfect size. I could put all my stuff in it and it had a extra long shoulder strap (yep, one of those awkward tall woman problems). I felt really sorry when I noticed it was broken. I started to look for a new one with the same functions. And with plaid. Because I love plaid. It is such a classic pattern that reminds me of cosiness and warmth.
I couldn’t find one. So I decided to make one myself.


Dyeing, painting and decorating fabric with plaid

After I dyed the fabric with Dylon, I painted stripes and plaids on it with acrylic paint. I used to work with Decorfin textile colours, but I find these colours far too expensive. I love to work with acrylics but disliked the way it stiffened the fabric. At first I added water to make the paint more liquid, but when I applied the paint to the fabric, the colours started to bleed. Searching the web, I came across the textile medium of Creall. Diluting acrylics with this medium (and a bit of water) is a great way to prevent the fabric to stiffen or the colours to bleed.
I decorated the dyed and painted fabric with stitches in different colours to accentuate the plaid pattern.


Click to enlarge // Work in progress: hand-painting and sewing a purse // © Irèn Nooren // Memento Vivi


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