Photo editing // Creating a nostalgic photo effect

Girl riding a white horse - nostalgic photo effect

Raymonde riding a horse // Curaçao

I know, nowadays there are a lot of apps and Photoshop filters to transform your photos into nostalgic, retro, fairytale or vintage images. But I still love to do it myself, with a little help of the Photoshop filters. I can spend hours editing images with Adobe Photoshop to create exactly the effect I had in mind.


Photoshoot of two girls riding horses in the countryside

In May 2013, I had a cheerful photoshoot in Curacao with Gabriëlla and Raymonde, two best friends who are passionate about horses. Needless to say there also were two horses involved. The girls had selected three different outfits: sporty casual, country style, and vintage romance. When I edited the photos, I used the styles of their outfits to determine which photo effect I wanted to create.


Photo editing // creating a vintage or nostalgic photo effect

Below the photos of the girls wearing elegant white vintage dresses. I edited the photos with Adobe Photoshop to give them a nostalgic look, using Channel Mixer [Windows > Adjustments > Channel Mixer] en Lens Flare [Filter > Render > Lens Flare].
The logo is designed in Adobe Indesign.


Photographs of Gabriëlla & Raymonde // Curaçao

Visit Behance to see photos of Gabriëlla & Raymonde in sporty casual and country style.


More photo-editing by Memento Vivi // Irèn Nooren

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