September '13 // I am thankful to meet like-minded people

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I am happy to be united with my dear friend mr. iMac again. I missed him deeply. The desktop shows the picture of the view from my previous office window in Curacao.

Just a couple of minutes before New Moon in Virgo, time to compose a wish list!


My wish list // September 2013

for the New Moon of September 5th, 2013 // 11.35h. GMT // Virgo 13°04′
• I am thankful to meet like-minded people.
• I am delighted to meet those who assist me to find creative, well paid jobs that I love, in Breda.
• I love my new spacious office.
• I am joyfully branding a successful life style product.
• I am grateful to be working with creative, loving, uplifting people.
• I am thankful to be surrounded with healthy, supportive and positive family members and friends.
• I am joyfully decorating our new house into a beautiful and inspirational home.
• I gratefully and joyfully accept love, joy and abundance in my life.
• I am thankful for my strong, slim and healthy body.
• I am joyfully trusting in the universe to create the perfect outcome.

I also include the things that are going well in my life, so both the universe as myself, know that I deeply appreciate these.



The position of this New Moon transists in my 11th House in Virgo. New Moon in this house is a favourable time to start networking with like-minded people who love their job (Virgo).

In Curacao I know a lot of like-minded people. However Curacao is too far away for some chitchatting and doing lunch. That’s why I like to meet some new contacts in Princenhage // Breda to share my passions and interests with. My interests are graphic design, mindfulness and fashion for women who do not fit the one-size-fits-all size. Do you live and/or work in Breda and do you share these interests? Please send me an e-mail:

Also my clients are located in Curacao. Although I love working for them and I hope that I will keep on working for them, I am interested in doing freelance jobs in Breda as well. That’s why I stated that I am delighted to meet those who assist me to find creative, well paid jobs.


My fulfilled wishes

Since mid August I made myself a bit more at home in Princenhage. Although I am still looking for a more spacious office, I am happy with my own desk. Last Tuesday my iMac finally arrived. It is a great thrill to be working with him, again. I now realise that I have missed him deeply. It is far more comfortable than using a MacBook Pro for design jobs.


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