To live in a spacious and beautiful house in Curacao

Curacao Emmastad livingroom

Our spacios living room in Emmastad

I am grateful for the house, I have been living in for almost a decade. I enjoyed every minute of it. And I still do. I love the neighbourhood I live in. It is classy and peaceful. It is a joy to walk through its streets in the mornings. Protected by the shades of the many old trees, every step brings a new amazing scenery with cheerful birds and colourful flowers.

The house is up for sale now. It is waiting for new owners who will respect and love it like we do.

Soon I will be moving back to The Netherlands. I am ready to find a house and neighbourhood like this. A spacious, sunny and solid house in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood of Breda.

I am blessed that I had the opportunity to live in Curacao for 11 years.


Frangi Pani Emmastad Curacao

My all time favourite: the flowers of the Frangi Pani tree
[EDIT] In July 2013 I moved to the city of Breda in The Netherlands.[/EDIT]


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