Feeling creative: knitting with strips of fabric

knitting with fabric strips

Creativity is like love, it multiplies when shared

I love exploring different textile techniques. Lately I have discovered the possibility to knit with strips of fabric. Although I am not an advanced knitter by any means – I am far too impatient to become one -, I must say that I find knitting highly addictive.


knitting cutting fabric strips

Step 1 of making yarn: tear the fabric into strips

For knitting I use woven 100% cotton, like poplin. I turned the fabric into ‘yarn’ by cutting slits about 1,5cm apart across the selvedge of the fabric and ripping the fabric from each slit into strips. The benefit of woven cotton is that it is easy to tear it along the grain.

To get strips in different colours and shades, I dyed the fabric strips by hand.


knitting sewing fabric strips

Step 2 of making yarn: sew the strips together at the ends to make one very long strip.

I used a sewing machine to join the strips together at the ends. I do not knot because it will create bulk at the join.


knitting cast on

I started knitting, using a needle size 10 mm

After winding the long strip into a ball, I started knitting, using a needle size 10 mm. I love the cast on method as shown above, because it lets me pick up the stitches easily and start knitting the other direction.


knitting is addictive

I find knitting highly addictive

When I was knitting, I found out a major disadvantage of using fabric strips: the enormous amount one need. Nevertheless, my first attempt became a cropped sweater.


knitting fabric cropped sweater

I proudly present my first ‘knitting-with-strips-of-fabric-work’: a cropped sweater

2 comments to Feeling creative: knitting with strips of fabric

  • Megan

    I have tried this before & it is sooooo worth the effort of constructing your own strips out of left over fabrics in the home, old lightweight curtain, sewing fabric never used up, or fabric from long dresses no longer in fashion or wanted. I then started scouring my local op shops for more LOL because YES it becomes addictive :D
    I made double the amount of strips in most cases though, depending on the ability of the fabric to allow cutting into thinner strips…which took twice as long….but also produced twice as many strips….but produced a better amount to complete projects.
    When I got sick of that, I went back to what you have done, but made items just for the home ie. small, quick projects. Cushions, floor rugs, table runners, side table doilies etc etc & the list is endless :D
    Thankyou for reminding me to get back into it because it is coming into mid to late autumn/fall over here in Australia so time to get knitting!
    xxx Megan xxx

    • Hi Megan,
      Thank you so much for your ideas!
      I love the idea of making cushions and floor rugs. I am good in starting projects, but not so good in finishing. There is so much going on in my head ;-)

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