Being grateful benefits my health and my happiness

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I have always loved lavender, the colour, the scent… it makes me happy // Princenhage ~ Breda
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Happiness is counting my blessings.

Happiness is a feeling of joy. Although this feeling can suddenly happen without a reason, it is mostly caused by something or someone.


Happiness, mindfulness and being blessed

When I say that I am blessed, it does not mean that I am religious, it just means that I am mindful to notice simple pleasures and that I am grateful for all the good things that has happened in my life. There are so many things to be grateful for.

I believe that being grateful benefits my health and my happiness. It does not mean that everything in my life is necessarily great, but counting my blessings shifts my focus from what my life lacks to the abundance that is already present in my life. To what I pay attention to will grow stronger. And thus it is better to focus on the positive things and be aware of what makes me happy.


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