Colourful plaid skirt // hand-painted with poster paint

Hand-painted skirt

Colourful skirt, hand-painted and handmade by Memento Vivi // Irèn Nooren

Before painting

I prefer to use natural fibre fabrics, like 100% natural cotton, with a tight weave.
I prepare the fabric by
• washing the fabric to remove any sizing or starch that the manufacturer used to make the fabric hold its shape when folded. It is important to remove this sizing, because it will prevent the colours to soak into the fabric;
• next letting it soak in salt water for a night – I’ve read somewhere that salt opens up the fibres. It would help to absorb the colours better -;
• and finally iron it to smooth the surface and remove any wrinkles.
The fabric is now ready to be painted on.


Painting fabric using poster paint

This time I decided to work with poster paint instead of acrylics. Like I do with acrylics, I dilute it by mixing it with water and textile medium to create transparent paint. I build up the plaid design by applying a transparent layer of paint over another dried layer. When the design is finished, I let the paint dry thoroughly at least for a day. To fix the colours I iron the wrong side of the fabric on high for a 4 – 5 minutes and then let it soak in vinegar for a day.


Click to enlarge // Work in progress: hand-painting and sewing a skirt


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