Found on the Rith // Not a four-leaf clover but a five-leaf clover!

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The five-leaf clover was found roadside during a hike on the Rith // Princenhage.


If a four-leaf clover brings luck, what does a five-leaf clover bring?

While in my teens, on a beautiful but lazy summer afternoon I found a four-leaf clover after searching through the lawn for a few hours (I still had time for that back then). Since then, I have looked around every now and then, but I never found anything besides three-leaf clovers. Until last week. While hiking on the Rith, I suddenly saw a five-leaf clover roadside of the Den Dogdreef. I didn’t even know that was possible: a five-leaf clover.


Movie created by Memento Vivi with Adobe After Effects // Music: Celtic Morning ~ Tri-martolod (Istock Audio)


The uniqueness of four or five-leaf clovers.

On Wikipedia, I read someone in Japan had ‘found’ a clover with 56 leaves. This happened to be someone that cultivates clovers. I don’t think this counts as ‘finding’. The information on the uniqueness of four-leaf or five-leaf clovers is contradictory.
I personally think it’s special to find such a clover. However, the cause of the mutation is less pleasant: it’s likely due to damage caused by soil contamination. Fortunately, all the other clovers only had three leaves (as far as I was able to tell).


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The clover leaves and the Celtic knot – both inspirations for my logo – were holy symbols to the Celts


Three-leaf clovers, Ireland and Saint Patrick.

Thanks to Saint Patrick, the ‘shamrock’, a young clover with three leaves has become the symbol for Ireland. The day of his death, 17th of March is a national holiday in Ireland. Everything is coloured green on that day, the colour of the young clover. Saint Patrick or Patricius brought Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. He is known as the saint who expelled snakes – a metaphor for pagan religions – from the island and who used the clover to explain the Holy trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).
The reason behind using the clover, according to some sources, is that the clover was seen as a holy symbol by the Celts. It protected the Celtic druids and gave them the ability to see spirits. It was a reference to the ‘triskele’. This threefold spiral symbol stands for the three kingdoms: the land, the sea, and the sky. Other sources claim that the triskele refers to the virgin, the mother, and the old, wise woman.
A green clover (with three or four leaves) in a company’s logo can be a reference to a Celtic heritage, such as Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national airline.


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Each clover leaf has a different meaning.


The meaning of a three, four or five-leaf clovers.

Each clover leaf has a different meaning. Clovers with more than three leaves are considered to be good luck charms. The leaves on a three-leaf clover represent the three theological virtues: faith, hope, and love. They form the basis for morality of humanity (according to a passage from the Bible). A four-leaf clover looks like a cross. This extra leaf adds another dimension to the virtues: luck. It offers magical protection against evil, witchcraft and bad influences.
A fifth leaf promises wealth. And a sixth leaf symbolizes fame.


I wonder if anyone has found a six or seven leaf clover in the Netherlands.