My grandmother and six Fabulous Fashionistas, average age 80

Fabulous Fashionistas age 80

4 of the 6 Fabulous Fashionistas © Christopher Kennedy // Channel 4

Those amazing and inspiring women remind me of my grandmother. I guess, when her husband died in 1967, she tried to gain happiness again by being active. In her sixties she learned to swim, joined a choir, took piano lessons, went mountain hiking and made the roads in the city of Breda pretty unsafe by driving her purple Mini Cooper.
She truly showed me that life isn’t over when you hit 65. You can have your second, third, fourth or whatever youth any time in your life. It is all depending on how you face life.


Fabulous Fashionistas

The six women in the film Fabulous Fashionistas by Scottish documentary maker Sue Bourne // Wellpark Productions are sending out the same message: ‘old’ is just a state of mind. Just get out there and live your life to the fullest. Be whoever you would like to be.


Meet the fabulous fashionistas with an average age of 80 © Wellpark Productions // Sue Bourne

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