Simply be yourself and create your own personal style!

Create your own style

Simply be yourself & create your own personal style // Portrait of my great-grandmother

Have you ever been in that awkward situation?

Looking for your own identity in mass production is like searching for the colours in a black and white picture.

Before attending that big event you took your time to select the right dress. You dressed yourself with care and style. So when you checked yourself in the mirror, you knew you looked absolutely stunning.
However when you arrived at the crowded party, your eye was immediately drawn to that beautiful woman with an amazing body wearing that exact same dress.
Could you just laugh it off when your friends started playing the who-wore-it-best-game or were you thinking ‘why didn’t I choose the another one?’
Would you wear that dress again?


Mass production

A full century ago, when my great-grandmother lived, the chance of meeting someone in a similar outfit was unlikely. Nowadays our garments are mostly mass produced in large factories. Mass-produced goods are standardised and lack of individuality and exclusivity. Therefore the chance of meeting someone wearing a similar outfit has become inevitable. Avoid getting in such an awkward situation by creating your own style.


Five tips to create your own personal style:

1. Design and make your own clothes.
2. Mix and match – wear items from different stores or brands.
3. Use accessories to make your outfit look more stylish and personal.
4. Shop for local brands and go for quality rather than quantity.
5. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different. People talk anyway…


Inspiring women: Vivienne Westwood

Buy less, choose well, make it last // Quote by Vivienne Westwood


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