Driving down the coast of Belgium

Belgian Coast Nieuwpoort eagles

Eagles watching over the empty beach of Nieuwpoort // Belgium

To celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary, we went for a drive to Nieuwpoort, a seaside resort at the Belgian coast. From our home town Breda, we drove via ‘traffic jam city’ Antwerp and Ghent. After a short stop in Nieuwpoort-Bad, we followed the coast north, back to Netherlands. A fine drive along dunes and through several lovely seaside resorts.


Visiting Nieuwpoort

When I think of a seaside resort, two slightly different images pop up in my head. One is a glamorous bathing resort with majestic Belle Epoque villas and distinguished ladies in elegant dresses strolling down a charming promenade. With faded grandeur. The other one is a crowded place in high season where at night time drunken teenagers are looking for fun, love and a cheap drink.
Nieuwpoort-Bad did not resemble any of these images. Although I did not like its skyline of numerous modern high-rise holiday apartment buildings, we found Nieuwpoort-Bad to be a clean and well-maintained village with pleasant terraces, high-end stores and a car free promenade. Excellent for strolling and shopping. On this sunny autumn day the promenade was crowded with sophisticated grannies in wheelchairs and their caregivers.

After our lunch we had a nice walk on the wide sandy beach and on the pier where we watched the sailing boats and yachts come and go from the harbour.


Colour inspiration // The colours of Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort Colours Belgian Coast
Ocher ~ C=20 M=20 Y=50 K=0 // R=205 G=195 B=150 // #cabe8f // PMS 618
Off white ~ C=0 M=5 Y=5 K=0 // R=250 G=240 B=230 // #faf0e6 // PMS 7499
Medium Sea Grey ~ C=35 M=20 Y=30 K=0 // R=170 G=180 B=175 // #acb5ae // PMS 5503
Sky blue ~ C=45 M=5 Y=10 K=0 // R=160 G=205 B=220 // #a0cddc // PMS 636


Photographs of the Belgian Coast ~ Nieuwpoort & De Haan // Belgium



More travel photography by Memento Vivi // Irèn Nooren

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