Visiting textiles shops in Tilburg and buying fabrics

Fabrics Textielstad Tilburg

Fabrics bought at Textielstad in Tilburg

A few weeks ago I selected the colours for the Memento Vivi Collection. The next step was to buy some fabrics. I had visited the weekly market several times and although they have a huge selection of fabrics at great prices, I could not find the colours I had in mind.

Remembering that Tilburg, a city near my hometown Breda, used to be known as a world centre of the textiles industry, I drove down there to visit some textiles shops. That did not disappoint me at all. Textielstad was by far my favourite.

Just being there, touching the fabrics, made me feel like a child again. More than thousand of different fabrics to choose from in all sorts of colours. It took me a while to browse through their collections. It was though to decide which fabric would be the best option. Luckily the staff was very friendly and helped me to choose the right ones.


weaving fabrics

My first project // weaving with fabric strips

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