About Irèn Nooren // Memento Vivi

Being creative makes me happy.

I can’t think of anything more fun than creating printed and digital designs using Adobe programs (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop en After Effects).

It feels incredible to walk around Breda with my nikon camera taking pictures and turning them into magical images.

I love to design clothing and accessories and experiment with fabrics, textile dyes, and sewing needles to learn more about different techniques.


Infographics curriculumvitae iren nooren


My life story…

As a twelve-year-old, I had a dream: becoming a fashion designer… While growing I had already passed the 1.80m mark. Buying clothes was becoming a struggle: they referred me – probably with good intentions – to the men’s department.
It goes without saying that a teenage girl with a preference for pink and dresses wouldn’t really find something at that department. Luckily, my mother pushed me to take sewing classes. I still cherish those moments: sitting in my room, listening to Radio 3, creating actual long pants, drawing for hours or designing bags.


Academy for fine arts

I was quickly set on going to Art Academy. My high school arts’ teacher recommended getting a degree in teaching. As this would increase my chances of getting a job. But in my second year at the Academy, I knew for sure that teaching wasn’t my calling. Still, I have good memories of my time at Art Academy. It was fun to be creative while taking courses in Drawing, Painting, Graphic design, Photography and Textile dyeing. I graduated in June 1995.


Open University

While writing papers for my art history classes I realized how little I knew about literature. And I wanted to improve my proficiency in Dutch. The Open University offered several modules in literature and linguistics. I received certificates for these modules.


Design and communication management

During my time at the Academy, I discovered I particularly took interest in design and communication. I wanted to convey a message! This meant creating master pages and books, endlessly. After graduating, I was determined to get a job as a graphic designer. This, initially, didn’t go so well. To broaden my knowledge in terms of marketing, I studied Communication Management, starting August 2000. This is a two-year management study at the part-time college (HEAO) in Breda. In November, that same year, I started working at Polane graphic design company as a graphic designer.
In June 2002 I graduated and moved to Curaçao with my husband and three kids. There I established Memento Vivi _ graphic design studio. In 2013 we moved back – with my graphic design studio– to Princenhage, Breda.


My passion

I use a combination of my creativity, knowledge, and skills in terms of graphic design, photography, illustration, web design, blogging, SEO and social media to optimally communicate about design and lifestyle products.


Memento Vivi // graphic design studio in Princenhage

From January 2003 until May 2013 I was registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Curaçao and starting July 2013 I have been registered in the Netherlands.
Based in Princenhage, I work for several clients in the Netherlands and the Caribbean.


I partake in the following activities

• Graphic design and illustration
For several companies, located in the Caribbean and the Netherlands, I design promotion material (advertisements, flyers, folders, brochures, labels) and corporate identities.
• Web design and SEO
Using WordPress, a user-friendly and friendly Content Management System, I create websites, blogs, and web shops.
• Photography & Image Editing
I photograph landscapes and cities using my own inspiration and later edit those to create a certain atmosphere.
• Clothing & accessory design
To continue to evolve and stay creative, I focus on creating a clothing line for headstrong women who are above 1,80m in height.


Producten Curacao 2009

Products developed by Memento Vivi // 2009


Past products and concepts developed and managed by Memento Vivi

• shirts&words // clothing with words in Papiamentu ~ in cooperation with Susanne van Sambeeck
• Online magazine Cpost // with the best from Curaçao ~ in cooperation with Elodie Heloise
• Enjoy Curaçao 2012 // free posters and desktop wallpapers
• Mi Beibi // website for (soon-to-be) parents ~ in cooperation with. Yvette Sonneveld
• Webshop Curacao [books.an]
• Memories of Curaçao // gift book ~ in cooperation with Elodie Heloise
• Curaçao Calendars // desk calendar
• Postal cards of Curaçao