About Irèn Nooren // Memento Vivi

Being creative makes me happy.

I can’t think of anything more fun than creating designs using Adobe programs (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop en After Effects). And I love to experiment with fabrics, textile dyes, and handcraft techniques to design clothing and accessories.


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My life story…

Back in the eighties the twelve-year-old me had a dream: becoming a fashion designer… While growing I had already passed the 1.80m mark. Buying clothes had become a struggle: they referred me – probably with good intentions – to the men’s department.
It goes without saying that a teenage girl with a preference for pink and dresses wouldn’t really find something at that department. Luckily, my mother pushed me to take sewing classes. I still cherish those moments: sitting in my room, listening to Radio 3, creating actual long pants, drawing for hours and designing bags.


Academy for fine arts

I was quickly set on going to Art Academy. My high school arts’ teacher recommended getting a degree in teaching. As this would increase my chances of getting a job. But in my second year at the Academy in Tilburg, I knew for sure that teaching wasn’t my calling. Still, I have good memories of my time at Art Academy. It was fun to be creative while taking courses in Drawing, Painting, Graphic arts, Photography and Textile arts. I graduated in June 1995.


Design & communication

During my time at the Academy, I discovered I particularly took interest in design and communication: I wanted to convey a message. This meant creating illustrations and books, endlessly. After graduating, I was determined to get a job as a graphic designer. This, initially, didn’t go so well. To broaden my knowledge in terms of marketing, I studied Communication Management (a two-year part-time management study at HEAO in Breda), starting August 2000. In November, that same year, I started working at Polane advertising agency in Breda as a graphic designer.


From Breda to Curaçao, from Curaçao to Breda

In June 2002 I graduated and moved to Curaçao. There I founded Memento Vivi _ graphic design studio. From January 2003 until May 2013 I was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Curaçao.


Products and concepts developed and managed by Memento Vivi 2003 -2013

• shirts&words // clothing with words in Papiamentu ~ in cooperation with Susanne van Sambeeck
• Mi Beibi // website for (soon-to-be) parents ~ in cooperation with Yvette Sonneveld
• Webshop Curacao [books.an] // selling Curacao products in the Netherlands
• Online magazine Cpost // with the best from Curaçao ~ in cooperation with Elodie Heloise
• Memories of Curaçao // gift book ~ in cooperation with Elodie Heloise
• Curaçao Calendars // desk calendar
• Post cards of Curaçao


In July 2013 I moved back to Breda and registered my company in the Netherlands. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked for many clients in the Netherlands and the Caribbean:
• Graphic design and illustration
• Web design, SEO and Social Media
• Photography & Image Editing

In May 2018 I changed the company name to my own name ‘Irèn Nooren’. Memento Vivi is the brand name of my creative products.

Producten Curacao 2009

Products developed by Memento Vivi // 2009