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My mission // Creating a fashion brand


Who am I?

My name is Irèn Nooren. Born and raised in the city of Breda in the South of the Netherlands, my family (a husband and three kids) and I moved in 2002 to Curacao, Dutch Caribbean, where I founded Memento Vivi _ graphic design studio. In 2013 we moved back to Breda.
I am a graphic designer with a mission: by building my own fashion brand, I would like to create a place for women like me: 40 somethings who are taller than the average woman and who have a strong sense of her own identity.
My goal is to inspire all women, regardless their body type, race or age, to feel happy, pretty and good about themselves and to encourage them to develop their own personal style.
I like to blog about whatever makes me happy like graphic & web design, photo-editing, amazing concepts, creating a fashion brand, mindfulness, travelling, crafting, hiking, reading British literature…


Why am I blogging?

Blogging increases my awareness
of all the good in my life.

I know, spirituality experts say our purpose in life is all about being. I tried that for a while and became bored. I suppose I am not ready yet for being spiritual (although I still think this is a bit odd, because we are all spiritual beings whatever we are or whatever we do). I am still into the doing-part. Into creating. Creating my own happiness. Blogging about what I am doing increases my awareness of all the good in my life. Blogging increases my feelings of happiness.


About Memento Vivi, graphic design studio

In 2002 I was looking for a meaningful name for a graphic design agency I had planned to found in Curacao. I liked the Latin phrase ‘Memento Mori’, meaning ‘Remember to Die’. After some research I found out that it was mainly used by funeral insurance companies. That was not quiet what I was looking for to be associated with. I wanted something more playful and came up with Memento Vivi, which I thought was the Latin translation of ‘Remember to Live’. That phrase fitted perfectly the mission of my graphic design studio: inviting everyone to enjoy life to the fullest.
However the proper translation appears to be Memento Vivere. After some moments of doubts I decided to keep Memento Vivi. It reminds me to be less serious and not to be afraid to make mistakes. I will live and learn ;)


Are you looking for a freelance graphic designer in Breda?

As a freelance I design for companies located in Curacao and in the Netherlands. If you would like to meet me, please send an e-mail to info@memento-vivi.com


The spark of inspiration is everywhere

It just takes a little spark of inspiration to make my biggest dreams come true.

I read books and blogs, watch movies, listen to music or just take a hike in nature and out of the sudden inspiration hits me. Sometimes it is just a simple quote or the colour of the sky that motivates me to do something extra-ordinary.



designer Iren Nooren

At the Expo ‘Beauty Beurs’ in Uden // June 2014 // Make up by Amarantos & Photography by Brigitte Gilles