My 2015 wish list: setting goals for the upcoming year

It might be a bit early, but with the New Moon coming up (24th September, 2014), I thought it to be the perfect moment for brainstorming on what I would like to do and what goals I would like to fulfil the upcoming year.

Some weeks ago I had this inspirational talk with Nicole of Blood New Label – if you love vintage furniture you should visit her web shop. If you don’t, please visit her site anyway, just to see the amazing job she is doing. – We talked about being an entrepreneur, our goals and wishes. I told her about this house with which I had fallen in love, because it is a nice combination of our previous home in Curacao and the house I grew up in. Being delightful and spacious, typical 1930s, it has enough bedrooms and a separate home office with its own entrance. Perfect for receiving clients and guests. Like Nicole suggested, I have put that one on my list.


My 2015 wish list


Creating my own clothing line

~ Start selling items of my clothing line.


Wishlist yoga class

~ Sign up for a restorative yoga class.


Healthy Family Friends

~ Support my family and friends


Princenhage Haagse Markt

~ Get to know more like-minded people in Princenhage.


House Home office

~ Live in a spacious house with a separate home office.


Wuthering Heights Yorksire Moors

~ Search for the presence of the soul of Emily Bronte in the Yorkshire Moors.


Healthy life

~ Eat healthy to keep my body fit and slim.


Improve Writing Basics

~ Follow an online course writing basics // UK English.


Travelling in Minnesota

~ Go on a road trip through Minnesota and visit my niece who lives there.


Experimenting Textile techniques

~ Be creative & experiment with textiles – and dyeing techniques.


Write business plan

~ Write a business plan.


increasing pageviews website

~ Increase the pageviews to my site to 500 a day.


Wishlist blogging

~ Write at least one blog post a week.


Siena Juliet

~ Explore Pisa, Siena, Florence, Bologna by train.


What goals do you have for 2015 for creating a happier lifestyle?
Please tell me in the comments. I love to know!


More about composing a wish list on Pinterest by Memento Vivi // Irèn Nooren

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